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Inspiring people and pets to connect.

Teaching humans.

Training dogs.


Growing together.

We can help with:

Puppy training


Start your puppy right! Confident, socialized, and trained.

Adult dog training


General obedience and behavior modification

Cooperative care


Help your pet be ready for routine grooming or vet visits

Horses, cats and more!


We are not limited to just dog training and care. We can care for and help train animals of all types!

Pet sitting


Drop in visits, part day or full day sitting. 

Farm sitting


Including daily stall cleaning, turn out,  bring in and feeding

Dog walking


30 and 60 minute walks with

training add-on options



Meeting daily mental stimulation needs will help create a happy calm pet.


Hi! I'm Thomi

I can help with many common issues such as but not limited to:

Fear, Anxiety, Stress, Destruction, Chewing, Digging, Scratching, House Soiling,  Reactivity, Jumping, Barking, Over-excitement, Rough Play, Nipping, and more!

Pet training isn’t just about your pet. In fact, the most integral part of the training process is you. That’s why we work together to make sure your training plan fits your lifestyle and is tailored to what you need

 All pets have their own unique traits and mannerisms, and therefore require their own unique and specialized training. That’s where I come in!

Whether it’s for basic manners or more complex behavioral issues, I am focused on not only training your pet, but teaching you how to effectively communicate with them. This method of training is full of fun techniques that will give you and your pet a happier life together.

I am the only Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner in Hampton Roads! I am committed to ongoing education to stay up to date with the most recent knowledge to help you reach your goals!


Thank you! We will be in touch soon!



Thomi is great! Our pup Beau is an awesome little dude, but he has some trouble with separation anxiety, barking, and nipping. Thomi has been great at showing us ways to help Beau feel better and calmer. We can see such a difference already and it’s been great seeing him respond to training/learning ways to minimize unwanted behavior and pawsitively reinforce the good behavior. 10/10 recommend for all your doggy needs.



Thomi is amazing with our dogs. She takes amazing care of them when we are away I never have to worry. She always goes the extra mile for them creating fun activities for them to do to keep them busy. Anyone who needs a dog trainer, walker, sitter she comes highly recommended from us!



Thomi is the absolute BEST! I was terrified when I had to find someone for my dogs but all worries quickly subsided. I recommend her to everyone and so do my babies <3

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